Creating The Right Effect With Plaster

From our plastering HQ here in Walsall we – like you – have been gearing up for Christmas. It was a fantastic summer and it is now that we often reflect on some of the work that was done over the year. We got to thinking about the variations that have been achieved with plaster- and decorative-effects.

I had one plastering customer in Walsall who wanted to create an entirely classic look in the kitchen – but ensuring the design was fresh, open and modern.

I showed the customer this stunning image of a modern fresh kitchen:

The cool whites accented by some dark brown and the black piano give a really striking image; a true inspiration.

Most customers want a fresh and modern feel to an extension or a refurbishment. This is a perfect example:

Take a look at those clean plastered corners that have been accentuated by a fresh white paint-job. Simply stunning. The owners have also de-cluttered to ensure that it has that “everything in its place” look that we all crave (but can rarely achieve).

But there’s classic and there’s CLASSIC. Take a look at this breathtaking example of interior design:

Not many of our customers in Walsall will be envisioning this sort of interior but you wouldn’t deny that it is eye-catching! The ceiling and walls are opulent and – dare we say it – ostentatious!